PIC Pavillion
Robert Palace Gardens, Barcelona.
Collaborators: Alexandra Coppieters, Eduardo Alegre, Orsi Maza Photos: Sandra Pereznieto

As part of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the International Prize of Catalonia, the pavilion was conceived as a visual catalog of the various stakeholders involved in its long history. The original request, due to reasons of schedule and budget, was to design an exhibition at one of the smaller rooms of the Palau Robert; the will of the exhibition is to give visibility and recognition to the award. The project comes from the conviction that the small budget allocated can actually build a large and notorious space in a central location of the Palau . The challenge is to consolidate and qualify an illuminated and waterproof space, with the minimu possible installation.

The pavilion is basically a body made of air; a simple, transportable and reproducible very low cost system, located at the center of the garden of Palau Robert. A panel for each of the 25 prizes awarded, plus a few others to explain the process and juries of the award; and a tube bended into a circle to build the top and bottom structure. These panels are builded up into a star shape; an open star, allowing an open relationship between inside and outside, within the different contents; the actual geometry invites visitors to cross this space, and occupy it. Each of these panels, printed directly on the support, contain the reasons for the award; through the opening, the visitor is aware of the environment. The shape of each of the panels pushes the perspective outward, seeking to grow in height, and expose the trees and the city as a backdrop.


Avenir #1a ppal 1a,
08006 Barcelona
Tlaxcala 180 PB, 06170
México D.F.