Eduardo Cadaval is a licensed architect. He holds a BA from the National University of Mexico (with special honors) and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University. Since 2006 he has been an Associate Professor of Urbanism at Barcelona´s School of Architecture ETSAB, UPC. Cadaval has also taught at the University of Pennsylvania, Calgary University's Barcelona Program, Harvard University's Career Discovery program, the Boston Architectural Center, and the National University of Mexico. He was awarded with the National Council for the Arts Young Creators award and the National Council for Science and Technology Grant, both from the Mexican government. He is co-editor of the book Projects & Plans published by Barcelona's City Hall. His writings have been published in multiple specialized media.


Clara Solà-Morales is a licensed architect with a degree in Architecture from Barcelona's School of Architecture and holds a Master in Architecture (MArchII) from Harvard University; she is also a PHD Candidate for Barcelona's school of Architecture, ETSAB. She is an associate professor of architecture at Barcelona's School of Architecture ETSAB, UPC. She has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), at Tarragona's University, at Calgary University's Barcelona Program, Solà -Morales was curator of the exhibition "Susana Solano. Proyectos" at the ICO Foundation, in Madrid, and co-editor of the book Plans and Projects printed by the Barcelona City Hall. As a researcher, Clara worked at the Center for Urban Development Studies (CUDS), of Harvard University. She was also Head of Graduate Studies at the Barcelona Institute of Architecture, BIArch. Her theoretical work explores the industrial production within housing, and its repercussions on informal housing.

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