Susana Solano. Hanging traces.
Royal mint of Spain. Madrid
Photos: Miguel de Guzmán.

The exhibition showcases graphic work by sculptor Susana Solano, inserting four wooden volumes into the museum spaces. The dimensions of the volumes were determined by the varied dimensions of the works inside, allowing for proximity with the smaller format works, as well as a degree of flexibility within the space.

Beyond the small format works the exhibition integrates a few pieces of medium and large format. The exhibition design was born out of a desire to connect these three different scales, assigning a diverse space to each of them. The use of wood was imposed by the museum, which has its own carpentry workshop.

The interior of each of these volumes is neutral and white, while the outside features black surfaces, assigning a regular rhythm to the museum spaces. Inside these volumes the connection with the rest of the room is neutralized and, from the outside, visitors are hidden by the shape of these suspended boxes.

The first room of the exhibition features a low standing volume showcasing a series of videos. The second room features a long, straight tunnel, leading to the third room in which the intersection of two linear volumes creates a small interior space. Finally, the fourth room contains the final volume, which leads visitors to the exit.


Avenir #1a ppal 1a,
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Tlaxcala 180 PB, 06170
México D.F.