Susana Solano. Projects.
ICO Foundation, Madrid
Photos: Adrià Goula, Santiago Garcés, Manolo Yllera

This project aims to scale the space to the object that will be displayed, providing order and rhythm to an intimate exhibition. The models of public sculptures created by Susana Solano are treated as jewels that relate to each other visually, as well as historically. A single system is designed to suit two spaces with opposing spatial attributes, allowing for a single reading of the exhibit. A unique envelope unifies spatial perception while solving the display of pieces through its layout.

A fragile, white, translucent, almost sacramental envelope is build to receive a number of sturdy and powerful pieces. The reference is clear - paper lamps used in fairs, made out of fragile honey comb paper, with a volume based on air and inventiveness. From paper lamps to the recycled paper used inside wood doors (to reinforce them) there were a few routes of investigation with the intention of finding within the paper industry a material that would both fulfill our architectural aims and be ecologically-friendly and economic.

The technical and technological implications of the material drove the definition of a standard module, build out of a couple of the standard doors mentioned previously and five layers of paper. A thick wall would be set up and its perpendicular view, creating a moiré, would offer transparency within spaces and pieces. A tangent view would show a solid texture, expanding the limits of the constructed space, and framing the pieces. The attributes of the material depending on how it was used were one of the key considerations of the project.

The installation responded to ecological and sustainable issues. Not only was the design part of an itinerant exhibition, but moreover, the main material used to create it was made up of recycled paper and could be recycled again. Furthermore, the decision on the material implied a radical decrease in costs.


Avenir #1a ppal 1a,
08006 Barcelona
Tlaxcala 180 PB, 06170
México D.F.